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IT and Clinical Information specialists in over a 1000 hospitals and clinics trust the x-tention health integration solutions and services. Now we bring all that expertise together on the MACH platform to allow for seamless sharing of health data in on-premise environments and clouds. A selection of our customers include:






Let us explain what MACH can do for you.

Anna explains MACH – your hybrid healthcare integration platform

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The MACH Hybrid Integration Model.

An in-depth look at our platform.

Our architecture comes with plenty of benefits. The following are just a few:

  • Local HL7, DICOM or FHIR endpoints to manage and orchestrate integration needs
  • Cloud Connector to easily integrate cloud-hosted/native applications
  • Decentralized integration BUT central monitoring, alerting and deployment management
  • Fully Managed Hybrid Health Integration layer 
  • Secure transfer of  health data between Instances
  • Unlimited Edge scalability
MACH platform architecture
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MACH‘s hybrid integration model

MACH features.

Our solution includes three key areas to enhance your integration projects:

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MACH makes use of a tried and tested Health Service Bus, a modular and extremely flexible platform for connecting applications and devices to build an interoperable system landscape.

With the user-friendly Designer tool, we offer an ideal UI for developing and testing largely code-free interfaces. This makes it easier to train employees and greatly reduces the maintenance effort.

We provide industry standards-based message transformation tools for all flavors of HL7 (v2 and v3), FHIR, and supporting standards such as ASTM, XDT, EDIFACT, CDA, CCD, CCDA and DICOM. 

MACH also supports device integrations and all widely used communication technologies, such as MLLP, TCP/IP, JDBC, SOAP, REST, DICOM Worklist, and TLS certificate-based exchange. 

The built-in DICOM routing features offer DICOMweb and DIMSE, MPPS, plus change and (semi-automated) anonymization functions, which can be implemented as pre- and post-processing steps facilitated by MACH.

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MACH can be used in a variety of ways. Due to the modularity of the various options, customers benefit from additional flexibility and can tailor the architecture to their individual needs – e.g. by adding extra functionality such as IHE Connectors, an IHE ATNA-compliant Audit Record Repository, DICOM Routing, or ASTM Channels to connect lab devices.

Possible deployments range from lightweight – using a Docker or VM based image delivery, with a local database – to clustered high availability installs, designed to efficiently manage large amounts of containers that are distributed across complex cloud environments while offering close-to-zero downtime and self-healing capabilities.

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How you manage and monitor data flows is another determining factor in how effective a data integration platform is. On the MACH platform, monitoring is possible from a cluster perspective all the way down to individual instances, allowing for high-level status investigation as well as in-depth scenario exploration.

We provide everything you need from a single source, whether you want to connect one hospital or a thousand. MACH allows you to manage instances centrally, making it highly scalable. It is API-driven and prioritizes data protection by design and default.

Automatically update and deploy new versions and changes of your interfaces through a centrally managed deployment pipeline independent of your underlying virtual infrastructure layer. 


MACH service model
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Global Health Data Integration.

Our service model.

A team of senior integration experts help you to get the best out of MACH. We partner with you to provide a global integration service, tailored to your integration challenge.

Through the MACH platform we build and manage your integration environment together and can provide 24x7 monitoring and alerting services. 

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